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The Fingerprint Station in the Science Center at the Haus der Natur Museum in Salzburg was designed to explain the visitors the usage of fingerprint sensors as well as to give a basic understanding of the special properties of fingerprints. The station itself is divided into two parts. At the first part of the station, the enrollment station, the visitors are asked to enter their first name (or any other name) and register one index finger. The second part of the station, the ticket station, just asks the visitors to put their index finger onto the fingerprint sensor. If the user has registered beforehand he is identified and welcomed with his first name. Furthermore a “safe” is opened and the visitor is given the opportunity to push a button and receive a printout of his fingerprint including the corresponding characteristics.

The main tasks in this project were to develop a failsafe user interface in VB.NET, connect the external sensors and actuators using a digital PCI I/O Card, as well as to adress and modify the interfaces of the Siemens ID Center software (now ATOS ID Center) in order to manage the users and their corresponding biomteric data.

Illustration of the whole Fingerprint Station setup:
fingerprint station

Example printout of the ticket station:
fingerprint station ticket

The Fingerprint Station was put into operation in May 2009.

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