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Robert Hoedl (0x40F7E1D5) pub.asc   [.ASC | 4 K]

Entire CV: (in German)
Robert_Hoedl_Lebenslauf_2014_November.pdf   [.PDF | 233 K]

Master’s Thesis:
File only contains the abstract and the contents because public access to the thesis is restricted.
RobertHoedl_2013_MastersThesis_Abstract.pdf  [.PDF | 280 K]

Papers / Publications:
Railroad Car Separation Point Detection (2010)
Robert_Hoedl_2010_HP-Railroad_Car_Separation.pdf   [.PDF | 960 K]

Slap Fingerprint Segmentation (2009)
Robert_Hoedl_2009_CVWW09_Slap_Fingerprint_Segmentation.pdf  [.PDF | 968 K]

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